Advanced PHP Login and User Management

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Vanguard provides a set of tools and services which allow you to quickly add and enable authentication, authorisation and user management to your website.

Secure Authentication

User login and registration with latest security practices applied, including authentication throttling and social authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication

Ability to protect user's account with Two-Factor Authentication mechanism out of the box.

Roles & Permissions

Unlimited number of user roles and permissions so you can have full control of what your users are available to do on your website.


Fully documented REST API is available out of the box so you don't have to worry about building the backend of your mobile applications from scratch.

Active Sessions Management

Built-in database session driver which allows you to manage your active sessions, as well as active session for any of your users.

Localization Support

Easily translatable to any language of your choice, and it comes with 3 languages out of the box: English, Serbian and German.


What makes Vanguard different?

Vanguard comes with more than three hundred automated tests (functional and unit), that covers all vital parts of the application and ensures it's maintainability and stability.

Built with Laravel

Having a fully tested system like Vanguard gives you really good starting point for any web site powered by Laravel and it's wonderful ecosystem.

Detailed Documentation

Complete and detailed documentation which covers most of Vanguard features, from simple usage guide to more advanced ways of extending Vanguard's codebase.


Customers love Vanguard

  • “I highly recommend, this is a great product, great code quality and great support!”
    — 3loDesign, Envato Customer
  • “Nice, Simple and Powerful Script. One of the Best Laravel User Management Scripts.”
    — RojDesign, Envato Customer
  • “Awesome starting package for any Laravel based app.”
    — Jagy2014, Envato Customer
  • “Well developed and secure application, strongly written, easy to utilize and I love the ability to incorporate code written outside Laravel into this.”
    — Tychis, Envato Customer


Vanguard comes with powerful built-in plugin system that makes extending it and adding new features a breeze.


Simple pricing with two different licenses and 6 months support included for each purchase.


Give it a test drive before you buy it. Some features, like changing admin password and details, are disabled in demo.

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